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A Dialogue in Diptychs from Two Queer Artists

[NEW YORK, NY, September 2020] An experiment on all levels – art, writing, collaboration, and publication – Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems} marks the first publication for Kintsugi Books, the first publication for artist Nate DeWaele, and a new kind of collaboration for poet/publisher, Dudgrick Bevins.

In Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems}, the creators queer the diptychs – that is, a two-part painting, a hinged tablet, or even the two facing pages of a books – in order to remove the educational and ecclesiastical purposes they served in the church and repurpose the inherent tension of the form for introspection. Bevins capitalizes on these tensions; the writing itself juxtaposes each line against the last, rendering any two lines in diptych tension.

DeWaele made/matched his art to Bevins’ words after the fact, creating another dimension of tension as the audience contemplates how the artist responds and to what within the poet’s work he is responding. The result is a surreal anti-narrative in image/poem pairs: two genres meeting and two artists in dialog. However, the diptychs serve as an invitation for the reader to journey through a world of swamps and oceans, Miami Deco infused Op Art, and poems that beg to be read bi-directionally (from top to bottom and bottom to top).

Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems} welcomes all into a queer artistic landscape full of a sunny mix of neon and pastel images as vibrant as the words they punctuate.


Nate DeWaele is an American multimedia designer, artist, and distributor of digital assets. He was born and raised around Boulder, CO, but currently resides in the American South. He produces prints and other art objects. This is his first book.

Dudgrick Bevins is the author of two full-length volumes from bd studios, Route 4 Box 358 (2018) and Vigil (forthcoming, 2020), the chapbook “My Feelings are Imaginary People Who Fight for My Attention” (2018, Poet’s Haven), and the collaborative chapbook “Georgia Dusk” with Luke Kurtis (2017, bd studios). He has appeared in Ashé: The Journal of Experimental Spirituality, Peregrine, Common Ground, and the anthology, Queer, Rural, American, from University of Louisville Press.

For more information or to request a digital copy, please email kintsugibooks@gmail.com. Pointless Thorns {Ocean Poems} is available now through Amazon and other distributors in print and eBook.

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