COVID-19 Response

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How I werk

I’d like to take a moment to address my customers about what I am doing to keep them safe from COVID-19.  To do that, I need to briefly describe how I keep the lights on. 

I collect, make and sell digital assets.  But I am also an artist that likes to scale in and out of physical and digital media. A medium that I am having lots of fun with lately the printful catalogue of everyday items that I can apply my prints to.  I’ve been doing posters, mugs and shirts and making fun things that give me joy and satisfaction to use. 

How printful facilities work

Printful is a network of print houses around the globe.  Orders made through my site go to a print facility nearest to my customer.  The proofed order is printed and shipped directly from the facility to the customer’s shipping address.

It’s fun designing print on demand products with my graphic designs.  And I like that that service takes the printing and shipping out of my hands.

How printful is dealing with COVID-19

From the start of the pandemic, the printful facilities were very cautious and quick to adopt social distancing and the wearing of masks.  There were delays and there continue to be but they are minor.  My posters and mugs are only seeing a 3-4 day delay.  

I have temporarily removed apparel from the catalogue because it can take 3–6 weeks to fulfill. 

For more about how printful is keeping it’s staff and customers safe and for more info about delays, please see the printful COVID19 FAQ

Shameless Plug

I’m also able to feed that cat by sharing links to services that may give me commission for sending you their way.  This one for instance will give me a commission on if you sign up.

I chose printful because I wanted to use print on demand and keep the rights to my work.  I also like the quality of products and how the prints turn out on them.  I also like how easy, transparent and fair the pricing and charging is done.  

Get started today.

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