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I define what I do as hunting for assets.  I'm always snapping photos and always picking up new apps that will give me assets to work with or ways to artistically modify them.  My favorite this week is web app at

I'm a sucker for free toys but am still a critic; the visuals are stunning, so good in fact that I would frame them as is without any modification.  But as an artist, they do compel creative exploration; I must have spent an hour playing with it.

Below is a quick rundown of the app. It opens in Russian but the language can be toggled to English.  When you type something in and enter it, a unique pixelated pyramid of sorts gets generated.  If you are feeling lazy, you can also select random rule to generate at random.

Screen Shot of no words have been entered and no image has been generated  - screen in english

The next shots demonstrate the uniqueness of patterns generated by three different words. Those words are BlackLives, and Matter.

Screen Shot of image generated for the word black - screen in english

Screen Shot of image generated for the word lives - screen in english

Screen Shot of image generated for the word matter - screen in english

If you like any of the images you create, you can download them using the buttons in the bottom left corner.  You can get them in png, SVG and jpg.  Hope you found this inspiring.  Check it out and share your beautiful creations with me @nate-deWaele on instagram.

Happy dabbles

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