Nate DeWaele Professional Portfolio

This is a portfolio of the technical projects / products I that I worked on as an Agile Product Owner.  


The Passport Office - A national passport service

  • Used hotjar to guide web app redesign
  • Simplified passport forms
  • Increased conversion ratio
  • Made it easier to educate customers on passport options depending on scenario and needs
  • Made scheduling an appointment easier for customer and staff
  • Modernized aesthetic
  • Improved load time


Winetraveler - A guide for wine tours

  • An established WordPress site
  • Improved and built de novo widgets
  • Restructured the backend to make it work more efficiently and reliably
  • Coordinated with separate design team using Zeplin 
  • mobile friendly web design


RewardsMD - Biometric patient check in

  • On the Google play and Apple Stores
  • Integrate Tango rewards API to incentivize check ins
  • Frequent updates to app store standards


GEAR - Green energy ICO,in%20the%20Green%20Energy%20space.

  • Design ERC-20 contract that passed two third-party audits
  • Test in solidity
  • Built front and backend that supports KYC and AML
  • Supports sales via ACH, debit card, PayPal
  • DocuSign integration
  • Continuous updates per ever changing regulations
  • React ROI calculator
  • Funding meter


Bitcoin of America - Bitcoin exchange service and ATMs

  • Product Owner for strategic purchasing and selling
  • Project Manager for national Bitcoin ATM network


Mytown delivery - B2C food delivery app white labeled for B2B

  • White labeled for Popeye’s Chicken franchise - curbside pickup
  • White labeled for hotel in room kiosk
  • White labeled for Logistics
  • White labeled for Theater ticket sales office


Bubblelingo - Emoticon stickers

  • Localized for Spanish


Lanzo - Construction project quotes and management

  • Part size calculator
  • Project estimator
  • Project manager
  • Web app redesign in React


Defi - Canadian listed minerals stock

  • Canadian stock stock ticker
  • Redesign in React


Assisted Living Facility - Staff compliance and training app

  • QA app features
  • Add and QA course content
  • Serve as Scrum Master


Global Trash Solutions - Waste management

  • QA waste management app
  • Serve as Scrum Master


Call In Ads - Free phone calls for ad views

  • Outgoing an incoming calls from Android app
  • Israeli telecommunications network 


Campaign Tester - Emotional evaluation of video content

  • Project management for emotion tracking software
  • QA campaign videos and evaluate emotion output

Fortress - Biometric password management API

  • Project management

Bubble - Social media aggregation and valuation

  • Product roadmap and design


ProtectCare of America - Real time patient vitals

  • Researched biometric devices
  • Wrote stories and did product roadmap 
  • Wrote business proposal
  • Work with legal to identify opportunities for patent


Approvd - Internal agency CRM enabled for SaaS

  • Integrated with HubSpot and Jira
  • Reduced scope creep
  • Enabled easier story evaluation and billing process


Barneydew - Art distribution platform

  • Shopify selected and used to support sales through Instagram and facebook
  • POD integration to reduce production and shipping overhead


Charity Game Masters - Charity and online game hybrid

  • Distilled frenetic concept to actionable roadmap
  • Conducted market opportunity analysis
  • wrote white paper and slide deck that helped secure $100k funding 


Lux - ICO for social coin

  • Stories and design


Beach secured - Beach bag alarm armed with iOS and Android App 

  • Raspberry pi 
  • Successful prototype demo


Sol  - Peruvian currency conversion

No link available

  • Invalidate concept


Escher - Airbnb for work spaces and office tools

  • Wyncode academy final project