Usability: Design in daily life 2/6 : Great UX 2/3

This exercise asks me to pick 3 examples of great User Experience IRL and other 3 with poor UX.  I'll write an article for each one.

These exercises are meant to help me build my design intuition and gut feeling, to learn how to structure my arguments to become a real professional! Through observation and knowledge of aesthetic fundamentals and design principles.


Product with great UX 2/3: Chipotle

I'd like to emphasize in this article that UX is not a term exclusive to tech. It has to do with a user's experience.

Chipotle is a good user experience because it allows customers to get a nutritious and minimally processed meal in as much or less time than a fast food restaurant. It is healthy fast food. And it's customizable, allowing the menu to flex to each customer's individual needs and preferences.

The readiness of the ingredients and the fine division of labor make it easy for its customers to list of what they want as the product is built.

That is great UX by itself and the app helps by saving people more time. I used to work at an office in Boca Raton and I'd tell my colleagues I was making an order and that I'd pick up their order if they put theirs in.

By ordering from the Chipotle app, I saved the time I would have spent standing in line. I was able to skip the line and grab our meals. It also allowed me to save time for my coworkers and company.

And to put a cherry on top, the Chipotle app (which is really easy to use) often gave me bonuses such as free burritos or guac when I ordered from it.

I don't get commission for sharing the below link, but I highly recommend this app.

Get the Chipotle app on the Apple Store

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