Usability: Design in daily life 1/6 : Great UX 1/3

This exercise asks me to pick 3 examples of great User Experience IRL and other 3 with poor UX.  I'll write an article for each one.

These exercises are meant to help me build my design intuition and gut feeling, to learn how to structure my arguments to become a real professional! Through observation and knowledge of aesthetic fundamentals and design principles.

Because I really believe in the three products that account for a good user experience, I provided an affiliate link.  By clicking those links, I may benefit.


Product with great UX 1/3:

A lot of people stopped torrenting because they were getting cease and desist warnings from their internet providers and they were also getting computer viruses from downloading torrents. is a service that acts a client downloading the torrent on the user's behalf so that internet companies can't see that the users themselves are downloading the torrent.

Because is the client downloading the torrent, there is no risk of a computer virus infecting its user's computers. screenshot of home screen UI

I really like this service because it you can access your torrents via the cloud and watch them online just like you would watch a Netflix show.  Yes, you can binge watch TV, because the next episode queues up. screenshot of viewing window with next episode queued up

And for those that have trouble finding torrent links, they also have a plugin made by its developer community that allows you to easily search for the torrent you want and download it without having to copy and paste the link.

There are also other features that I think people would enjoy.  It's a very thoughtful product.

Enjoy a free trial with this link